Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Maeser The House on the Hill "The Sequel"

Maeser The House On The Hill 

"The Sequel"

So I wasn't planning on really doing anything to the exterior because of a lack in funds. But one day we had a ridiculous hail storm and it destroyed neighborhoods. I called the homeowners insurance and had them send their adjuster out to asses the damage. The roof was totaled and then depreciated for age and all the west facing siding had holes punched through it so they accounted for replacing that.  I of course didn't want to replace it with siding. I wanted something that would withstand another crazy storm. I had a deductible and was offered the funds to do the work myself. So the payment of the insurance was enough for me to re roof the house as well as change the entire house to a cement board siding. Also known as hardi board. I t was nice to tear it apart because underneath was missing any type of moisture barrier. It was just stuck over the plywood. I tore all the siding off and wrapped in a felt tar paper to act as a moisture barrier. There were also places where when the addition of the garage was put on they had half covered electrical boxes. I removed and terminated those leads" Fire Hazard" to prevent any hazards. on the porch I framed out the boring simple 4x4s into tapered columns. 

I had a crappy rotting deck here so we ripped it out and poured concrete. The good parts of the deck turned in to a rail fence around the property.

 I bid out the painting for this one because I didn't feel that I had the time to do it. After getting the bid from the locals in a Oil Field town of over $7000 I decided I had plenty of time to do it myself. 

The total cost for materials was around $3500-4000 for the hardi board.The paint and caulking was about $500. The roofing materials were in the range of $3000 as well. So for around $8000 I changed the look completely and was able to make some good upgrades, as well as, fix a lot of mistakes made by the person who did the original addition. I fixed all the electrical issues and fixed a lot of out of plumb walls. 

I loved how this house turned out. I love the color scheme I ended up with. Plan on seeing some Hardi on my other house.-The Little House on Light House Lane.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Maeser The House On The Hill.

Maeser The House On The Hill


I purchased this home because I could see the potential. It sat on 2.86 acres on a irregular shaped lot. It wasn't a huge house 1600 sqft or so. 3 bedroom 2 bath. Besides the land The veiw of the entire Uintah Valley was impeccable. Before the purchase I did do my due diligence. I went to the county to see the possible uses for the land. I was able to subdivide the property which only added to the value in my opinion. Many people look at it and walked because it seemed to be a useless property. It was on the market for years. 

It was very plain on the inside as well as on the out side. First thing to do was to paint the hideous wall on the back half of the house. It was a country farm red and clashed with any type of decor that was near it. The front half was done in a sage green and was really pretty for the most part so we color matched it so we could do touch ups. 

We also decided to put in a spiced bamboo hardwood floor. I like using actual hardwood flooring because it doesn't have those crappy trim pieces that  never seem to stay down with the laminate flooring. I also like the versatility of hardwood I like to inset carpet in living rooms in order to give a rug look put its permanent. 

I had been working on a project for a client he had me order cabinets for. He ended up losing funding for his project which left me with a garage full of kitchen cabinets. I used these cabinets and I was able to arrange them to fit in the kitchen layout that I had. This was definitely a needed upgrade.

The cabinets were a dark chocolate cherry with a five inch crown on top. I decided to do the island different so I trimmed it with bead board and molding. then found a granite remnant at a local granite suppler. For the cost it turned out really nice. The back splash was more clearance tile that I had found. I also had about 400 sqft of travertine tile left
over from another project so I used that to build my counter tops. 

 Put in new appliances and that was that. I then proceeded to the next project the kids bathroom. I purchased some 16x16 tiles from a local store. just so I could cover up the old linoleum. I decided to buy enough to do the bathroom and the laundry room/ mud room. In the bath I had wrapped the room in bead board and painted it a Duck Egg Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I liked it for the most part but I didn't like that it didn't well in areas with moisture. any water spots would show up and wouldn't go away. I painted a little cabinet that I found on a Facebook yard sale site for $5. I left it chalk painted but did paint the wainscot white. 

In the laundry room/ mud room I had a leak where the main water line came in the house. I decided that I should remedy this but in the mean time I recessed the dry vent so I could push the dryer back to the wall and maximize the space in the laundry. I decided to do a back splash from floor to the bottom of the cabinets. 
I also took the blank wall where we had a temporary shelf that collected clutter and built in a mud bench and a place to put shoes. It was also my first attempt to upholster something. I found a fu fabric at the fabric store. I used that with some baton and foam to make a place to sit. added some hooks and some Ikea decorations and it turned out pretty good. 

I had some trim left over from a some houses I was trimming out for a local builder. I decided to use that to trim out my daughters room . I added a three foot wainscoting and in a small recess added a six foot shelf for all her stuffed animals. 

 That pretty much sums up the inside of the home. One October we had a very severe thunderstorm. It sent us crazy hail. This left me redoing the outside of the house.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Lighthouse Feature Wall

Lighthouse Feature Wall

So here is what we get to start with. It is your standard just like everyone else's house plant shelf.

This is what I am going for. I drew this up using a sketching program so that I could convince my wife that it was good idea.

.Now that I have the OK from the wifey I let the demolition begin. Turns out taking out that shelf took away the shadows which made the room feel bigger and brighter. The column on the right was only there to support the plant shelf. I however liked how it broke up the wall in my original design.

Since our TV broke while we were moving in, we bought another one and I mounted it to get and idea of the space. we ran all the wires and for the TV and the surround sound before patching the  holes. I built the mounts for the floating shelves. I decided on an organized random pattern. I then framed and installed the fireplace.” (see Lighthouse Fireplace) I then started the install of the oak utility hardwood floor

I built the floating shelves as I went. Mostly because I wanted to see how they looked.

And here it is other than a few touch ups I think it turned out really nice. I had originally wanted to paint the wood but once I got it up I fell in love with natural look of the wood. The nice thing is that I got the utility oak wood flooring for around .99 a sqft. So that equates to about $120 bucks for the wall and maybe another $50 for the shelves wires and misc thing

Lighthouse Lane Fireplace

Lighthouse Fireplace

 So this is the beginning pic from my last post on the feature wall. But that is because I framed the fireplace and installed the unit as I was doing the wall. I went as small as possible because the placement of the windows didn't leave me a plethora of space. I apologize that I don't have many during photos but my photos were on my Samsung Galaxy S5 .I spontaneously com busted and I was unable to get any photos off of it to share. My lovely wife was nice enough though to take all these other photos.

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