Monday, May 16, 2016

Lighthouse Lane Mailbox

Lighthouse Lane Mailbox

 So I got this weird idea to redo my mailbox. They were pretty plain and since the neighbors mailbox is in front of our house as well they didn't match. I thought that I would change them slightly so that they were the same as well as maybe add a little bit of art if you will to the front of our home.

I started with  forming up the columns and setting pressure treated posts down about 2 feet.
Little Brookin Bear wanted to help so she is holding my posts kind of level. It wasn't really that important to keep the posts level since you wouldn't see them anyway when I was done.

I found this horse fence at Tractor Supply. I chose to use this because it was a thicker gauge which meant it would be rigid. I cut the fence into equal panels 14" x 14" . I was going to weld a frame but it turns out that stick welding when you have never done it, isn't that easy.

I sprayed my little baskets with a rustoleum hammered paint just so they were darker and so that you could see the grids. 

I installed my timber piece that I salvaged from another project. and mounted that in between the two posts. I then squared up and leveled my cages. I went and picked up some 3 plus stones from a local gravel pit and started to fill my cages.  

 I was working on this pretty late. I had taken down the old mailboxes and needed to get them up before the next day so that I didn't get in trouble. So I quickly mounted them in the dark. I will have to redo those when I get more time. 

  So that is where it is at so far. I need to get some post caps and I am making some address thingy's that will hang from the bottom. This inspired me to change the landscape of my park strip. so we will see what happens there but I still need to finish all my open projects for now.

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