Sunday, October 2, 2016

Barn Door

Barn Door

When purchasing our home one of the things that I knew I had to do right away was cover the archway that led to the master bathroom. I for one am not a big fan of public showering. Public being three little girls who don't understand that if the door is closed don't come in. So I built a door out of plywood temporarily and put barn door hardware on it in order to give us a little privacy. I was going to just paint and distress the plywood.

I love my job. I am involved in business that goes in after the construction of homes and repairs the defects by the builders. It has so many plus's. One I haven't had any upset homeowners. They are so happy to see us come in and fix any of the water intrusion issues that they have been experiencing. the other thing is sometimes when we do repairs we replace a lot of materials. I have had some water damaged French doors that were damaged beyond repair but the fixed panel was decent with little damage. So I decided to separate this panel from the existing frame and refinish it as my barn door. The other benefit to these doors are that since they were an exterior door on a very high end home the one side that I put towards the bathroom is an aluminum clad. This makes it perfect for a bathroom because of its resistance to moisture. 

I used a spray can version of Chalk paint. I hadn't used it before but it seemed to work really well. Since the doors were existing and had a really pretty stain on them in the first place I was able to just sand it randomly and create that distressed look that exposed the underlying stain.

Now I did say that I am not a fan of public showering so the new issue was that as a French door it was glass and pretty see through. I went to my local hardware store and found a frosted film that applies like tint.It took me a few tries I came to realize that frosting the glass wasn't as easy as I first thought. If there is any dirt on the glass it will bubble and look like crap . I ended up leaning the door up against my bedroom wall so the water soap solution could drain. I turned out OK. It definitely looks better in the pics. After I applied the frosted glass, I  swapped over the hardware and hung the door on the rail.

 I picked up the hardware at another local hardware store. It was hiding in the back of the store in a corner but I felt it was reasonable at $150. however I now sources that are cheaper than that.

I plan on doing some pretty cool yet different things to master bedroom I will then finish the rest of my door in order to match my master plan.

It is definitely better looking that the plywood door I made. and I really like the frosted glass. It provides privacy yet it will still let light through during the day.   Thanks for visiting my page. If you have any questions please leave a comment or follow me on Facebook or Pinterest

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