Saturday, October 28, 2017

Shed The Final Episode

Shed Soffits

Finally this guy has done something around the house. I have slowly been working on my shed but have had so little time at home. With this strong market having time to breathe doesn't seem to exist.

Awhile back I had purchased the fascia for my shed but it has just been sitting in my shed. I also had a ton of short cut offs of tongue and groove cedar from a project. I finally had a second and decided to get on it and get this done.

I was originally going to paint the cedar soffit white, but now that it is up I love the look of the natural wood.

I still have a little bit to do to get it finished but it wont be long now. I have to take another break because I have a staircase that I am going to be rebuilding because the original contractor didn't really know how to build staircases.

Leave a comment below and tell me if  would you paint the soffit or leave it natural.

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