Lighthouse Feature Wall

So here is what we get to start with. It is your standard just like everyone else's house plant shelf.

This is what I am going for. I drew this up using a sketching program so that I could convenience my wife that it was good idea.

.Now that I have the OK from the wifey I let the demolition begin. Turns out taking out that shelf took away the shadows which made the room feel bigger and brighter. The column on the right was only there to support the plant shelf. I however liked how it broke up the wall in my original design.

Since our TV broke while we were moving in, we bought another one and I mounted it to get and idea of the space. we ran all the wires and for the TV and the surround sound before patching the  holes. I built the mounts for the floating shelves. I decided on an organized random pattern. I then framed and installed the fireplace.” (see Lighthouse Fireplace) I then started the install of the oak utility hardwood floor

I built the floating shelves as I went. Mostly because I wanted to see how they looked.

And here it is other than a few touch ups I think it turned out really nice. I had originally wanted to paint the wood but once I got it up I fell in love with natural look of the wood. The nice thing is that I got the utility oak wood flooring for around .99 a sqft. So that equates to about $120 bucks for the wall and maybe another $50 for the shelves wires and misc thing

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