Lighthouse Lane Railing

The Lighthouse Railing

So I am kind of stuck up and like nice things. I also don't like paying a fortune to have nice things. I do know that I really don't like sheet rock half walls. I like the elegance that comes with a railing. Although it is not a main feature of the house or the first thing you see when you come in; it really opened up the hallway and made it feel bigger.

I priced newel post but was unimpressed with what I was offered for my money. So I  built the newel with a solid sheet of oak finish plywood. I then cut to the measurements I wanted and trimmed it with simple clean lines. When tearing out the old wall it left a hole on the wall where it had once lived.  In order to patch the wall I decided I would just build a newel on the wall to cover up any discrepancies. I painted with a gloss white and clear coated.
I then added the iron balusters.I started in the center and moved towards the edges. I 
lucked out here because I had balusters left over from random projects over the years. They were covered in garage dust and muck so I touched them up with some black paint. 

This total project cost me around $100, and I did it over the weekend. Although not the center point of my house or a huge elaborate railing it really adds to the modern elegance that I was shooting for.


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