Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Vintage to Modern

The Piano Bench

We were given this piano after my wife's grandmother passed away. It is a 1954 George Steinbeck. It isn't very large but with the solid brass plate in the back it is super heavy.  It has been used lovingly for 60 years and the bench shows it. Although I haven't refinished the piano itself A quick way to update it is to refinish the padding on the bench.

I'm not sure what the stains are from. I will leave that to your imagination but they need to go. 


The wifey and I went to Hobby Lobby awhile back and grabbed this fabric.  It was a small project so we only grabbed 1 yard.

I found this 1" foam at Joanne s. I cut it to fit the wood base. I put the fabric on a flat smooth surface , in my case my counter top, I set the foam on top and allowed 3 inches  all around then placed my wood base on top. I then pulled the fabric up starting in the middle. I only pulled it tight enough to pull out wrinkles. This left sharper looking edges on the corners. I did the same thing for the opposite side then did the two short ends. I folded the corners so that they would be square down the corners. I did that to minimize any wrinkles. 

I then put it back into the bench. This bench didn't have a hinge or anything so it just sets on top. It did however have a really loose leg. So I tightened up the leg. 

Although its a small and simple update, it changes the entire look of the piano. It also doesn't clash with all the other things in our living room. 

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