Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine gifts for the teachers.

Valentines Day

So every year my lovely wife makes gifts for the kids teachers. Like most people she loves Pinterest. This year our teacher gift was inspired from Pinterest Here .

Krissy went to the local dollar store and found these little glass mason jar mugs. They also had these self adhesive foam hearts. so we stuck the hearts to glass in the pattern that we desired. 

 After the heart adhesion process we took them into the basement to spray paint them. It was like 18 degrees outside. We laid them out upside down for the first few coats. I sprayed them three to four times waiting 10 min between coats to allow it to tack and not run. We let them set over night then turned them over and gave a few more coats so we could the areas that didn't get touched because of being upside down. 

Here they are, all dry and painted. I must note we had the pink and white spray paint sitting around from other projects so those are the colors we chose to use. 

Here we have removed the sticky foam heart stickers. to reveal clear glass to the inside of the jar, mug. The foam stickers did not give the cleanest lines for the paint but it still is pretty cute.


Here they are all done. Krissy filled them with candy and tissue paper, tied a ribbon around the neck. They turned out mighty pretty if I don't say so myself.

We appreciate those who teach our little ones. We appreciate the unconditional love that they show for children. I know its not a lot but I hope that the time that we put into these will express our gratitude for them.

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Brooke Lynns Butterflies

Brooke Lynn's Butterflies

 I went to Ikea today, I never know what I am going to find, but I always find something that I love. Today I was in the area that has like gift bags and wrapping paper. There were these little butterflies. They show them being used on birthday packages which I thought was a brilliant idea as well, but I have noticed other people putting up wall decals and other things like that up on their walls; So I thought this would work great in Brookes newly painted and trimmed room. 

How simple is this and affordable. This package of 6 butterflies was .99 it comes with a little self adhesive strip on the back and just stuck to wall where I put it. It had a pre-bend in the paper so the wings pop off the wall like a real butterfly. They had two colors green and pink. So I bought some of each; because you never know when you will need 3-d butterfly wall art. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Vernal Charm

Updated old world charm. 

This home boasts over 2300 sqft. 3 beds 2 baths, and a back yard that is great for entertaining. Built in 1917 when architecture was an art form. When pride was taken for the things you built. 

It has beautiful new Granite counter tops in the kitchen and a beautiful gas range stove. If you haven't cooked on gas you are missing out. Once you go gas electric is in the passss....t. I tried to rhyme there. 
The home owners just installed  a new water heater and paint. It features original but refinished hardwood floors and tile throughout and tons of storage. There is a big room off the back that can be used as you desire. The currant home owners use it as a master bedroom.  

The second story extends views through two dormers and subtle wood tone accents. Perfect for use as the master suite or loft for the kids things. 

The backyard has a huge shed for tons of storage, a garden area, a ton of grass a fire pit, a covered patio , and a waterfall. It also has a full sprinkler system to feed the manicured lawn that runs off of a deeded well. So no high water bills. 

You can see the full listing here

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