Thursday, August 24, 2017

Expanding Spaces and Saving Lives.

Lighthouse Basement Bedroom Part 2

I actually finished this back in January. Hailey was itching for her new room. She has thought the she was a teenager since she was 3 so now that she is almost there for real. Separating her from her sisters is definitely a good move, as we try to maintain some peace at home. 

As in a previous post I had all the framing done. I had also insulated the floor and outside walls. I then ran the electrical and the heat register. I was able to hang the sheetrock in a day by myself. I purchased a sheetrock lift and it is the best $200 spent. The first coat of mud and tape was quick but the sanding and other coats took me a while. I coated and sanded every night for a couple weeks. I know I am my own worst critic but I finally got it to the point that I was ok with the finish. 

I had a bunch of reclaimed alder from a project as well as some new pieces I had lying around to use for the trim in her room. I left the door off the closet intentionally cause I have something planned for that. 

I then primed everything. Some would think its a sin to paint the Alder ,but that dark of wood would have darkened the basement way to much. It also just isn't my style at all. 

After primer comes paint. I painted the ceiling in a flat white. All the trim was painted a semi-gloss. Then painted the walls in a Candlestick Gray with a satin sheen. 

I was able to salvage a high quality berber carpet from another project that had some water damage. It is 100% wool. Luckily for me the room it came out of is three times the size of Haileys room. I was able to cut off  a piece with no damage and scrap the rest. With it I also got a really good pad. (Disclosure) I am not a carpet installer. Thank goodness berber is very stiff and forgiving. I put down the pad and tried to stretch carpet. It serves its purpose well. It is temporary when I get the rest of the basement finished I will re-carpet everything professionally.

As I was installing carpet, Hailey and her mom were upstairs taking apart the bunk beds and packing all her stuff. I finished the carpet around 11 at night then ended up setting up her bed and moving all her stuff. Needless to say I have a very happy daughter. 

I still have some things to do but I can do those in the another post. 
I plan on doing custom built in closet cabinets and a door for the closet. Her bed currently clashes with the room and she is lacking some decor. It will happen soon and she will have a room fit for the princess she is. 

More pics to come soon as we get it all styled and finish her closet. 

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