Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I'm not afraid of the dark

I'm afraid of whats in the dark

Remember that night I decided to pour concrete super late because I was busy all day? I have had a fence post that has been sagging for a while. I finally decided I should try to take care of it so I can close the gate and maybe lock it.

 I had previously noticed that every time my sprinklers came on that all the water would flow to the gate and cause a giant puddle.  I decided to dig all around the existing post so I could reinforce the post as well as set the post in the proper place.  While digging I ended up finding an active sprinkler head buried deep below next to the post that holds the gate.

I poured concrete all around the posts and formed a curb so the gate had something to sit on. It wasn't hardening as quick as I liked so I ended up out side at 11 pm trying to finish it but hopefully this keeps my gate from sagging again. One day I may just pour a pad back there for the gate to swing on. 

So if you have saggy posts I hope this helps

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