Tuesday, September 12, 2017

This not usable wall is now a little more usable

Mudroom/ Coat-rack

I have three little girls. That equals three backpacks, three coats, three pairs of shoes and three separate messes of random crap.  The problem is that I only have four little hooks which made for a cluster of mess. I have a sickness where I am unable to let go of things if I think they have any value in the future. I just so happened to have reclaimed some material from other projects that helped me to get this project done.  Last year we remodeled a ski in ski out lodge for a couple and remodeled there ski and boot room. In the original room was some tongue and groove bead board alder. This was going in to the garbage so I took it home. Using that and some cabinets that I had left over from redoing my kitchen in the Maeser (Click Here) house I was able to come up with the material for this project.

I built the bottom bench first then installed the tongue and groove a top the bench. I ran two rows of hooks then installed the cabinet on top to hold more stuff. Of course the colors don't match so we filled the holes did some caulking and started to paint away. 

After painting everything white I thought I would try to be creative and painted the inside of the cabinet many different colors until I found one that wasn't to bright but still added contrast. 

You can see by the differing colors that I tried yellow. I tried what Anni Sloan chalk paint calls duck poo ( a kind of green blue awesome color) and a gray. We ended up just sticking with the gray. 

We were limited with the space available. I wish I could have gone bigger. I like how it turned out but I don't love how it turned out. The top cabinet gives it kind of a top heavy feel, but in the process of some of my other projects; I have ended up removing the upper cabinet to make way for something else. It has however served its purpose well and is still better than what we had before. What do you think of the mud bench? Is there a space that you would want to convert to allow for more space?

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