Tuesday, September 5, 2017

They didn't tell me it came in Super Fast Lamborghini Galaxy Gray

Water Heater Replacement

Rut-Row there is water on the floor. The life of a water heater is limited. If you have hard water like we do; the life of all your appliances can be significantly shortened. We have a water softener, but I am not the best at remembering to put salt in it. The date on this water heater was 2010 so it actually did make it 7 years. Not the best I have had but still not premature. I have all these other projects going on that I was going to try and get to but I also like hot showers. This is what I get to tell you about this week. 

I received a phone call just after arriving at work. My cute little wife told me that there was water all over the basement around the water heater. most of it went down the drain. I explained to her via Facetime how to shut off the water and also the gas to the unit.  Yellow one is the water and the red one is the gas. 

Before I went home to tackle this my wife and I had called different companies to compare prices. I walked into Standard Plumbing while on the phone with Furgeson. My wife had called RC Willey's. 
RC Willey had the best price and I was able to get the other two to match it but I can do six months same as cash at RC Willey. On my way home I picked up the heater from their warehouse and took it home. 

I went downstairs to assess the damages. I must say not a lot of damage. just a little water on the floor and a hole in the bottom of the water heater. I opened the pressure release valve on the side of the water heater and let that drain then at the bottom of the water heater is another drain to let all the water out. 

The hydro static pressure was so intense it tried to spray all over the place so I used my hands of iron to redirect the water towards the drain.  Water heaters are actually quite easy to remove and install. There is a two water lines and the exhaust vent on top, the gas line near the bottom and an earthquake strap wrapped around the middle. 

I removed them with an adjustable wrench. The vent was held on by 3 1/4 inch hex head screws. I removed those with my screw gun.  The gas line was removed with two wrenches since the fitting kept turning on itself.

As I pulled it out I leaned it to the drain to get all the water out I could before lugging it upstairs. 
I took a video of the sediment that was coming out of the bottom. The playlist I chose was from my daughters spotify account. That way all the music that may be heard by little ears is still appropriate. 

The new water heater came with everything it needed except for three things. I took these off the old one. Those things are: 

Pressure relief extendy thing (long copper pipe)

Gas nipple

Exhaust venting

I put it back in the way it came out and hooked up everything that came off.  If you look at the original water heater I notice a lot of calcium buildup and corrosion. Upon inspection I realized that the inlet water line wasn't quite tight enough and had been drizzling for awhile. this caused the build up. I also notice that there was no Tephlon tape on any of the connections. I added this as well as checked and tightened all the connections. 

After finishing my double check on all connections. I turned the water back on and let it fill up. I then turned on the gas and lit the pilot light. I had my wife go upstairs and turn the faucets on one at a time in order to let the air out of the system. We have hot water again. I only took me maybe an hour once I got the new water heater home. I am into the new 50 gallon Rheem water heater fully loaded in Super Fast Lamborghini Galaxy Gray, for around $450 and an hour of my time. 

I read the warranty information. As long as it was installed per manufacturers instructions. It has a 6yr non-transferable warranty. Full replacement on the unit for 6 years.

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