Friday, September 29, 2017

Last Month

 We have been really busy around our house. We had a wedding that we made some decor for. We had a freak cold front that caused our furnace to come on, then it didn't. I also have a fence post that was sagging making my fence not close properly. We  have been making crafts to sell on the Facebook yard sale pages, and replaced the insides of two toilets. I don't know if I will ever understand how so much can done in two weeks while working full time. Somehow we are able to make it work.

We live in a great area with a little clubhouse that is commonly used for weddings The issue is if you don't live out here its easy to get lost. My favorite part is all the roads being named country club or lakeview.

After we moved into this house, we started having issues with our furnace. We had the home warranty and was able to get them out to check it out. The coil that runs the A/c was leaking all over everything. The coil was replaced and a relay had to be replaced from all the leaking. 

Fast forward a few years. This is the Control panel. It shows signs of corrosion on many of the parts and had a few broken welds .  I was able to pick up a new one and take out a few screws and swap some wires.  Quite simple really only took maybe 10 minutes.

With fall present my wife had found some things on Pinterest that she loved.  I decided that I would try it out. Note: I didn't make the wreaths that credit all goes to the wifey. The little pallet pumpkins and and tall pumpkins I cut out painted when I get home at night.

Have you ever had to leave the lid off your toilet so you could pull the chain to flush? Or you just use a different toilet? My mommies house had this issue. I stopped by there the other day and realized they had not been functioning properly for a while now. Just like any good son would do, I fixed my moms toilets. Instead of changing out the toilets I just upgraded and changed the insides of the tank.

Although its been busy, we have been having fun with all the little projects and making new friends.

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